Creations I’ve crafted in my pursuit to make a something helpful.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of.

  • pracuj v přírodě

    This project is a personal guide to my favorite work-friendly spots in the Czech Republic. It provides recommendations for enjoyable stays and productive work environments.

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  • Custom Links | Stripe App

    Stripe application designed to streamline your workflow by providing deep links from your Stripe dashboard directly to your daily systems, such as CRM.

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  • Shopify - Fakturoid | Integration

    Launched in 2017, this SaaS project seamlessly integrates Shopify with the local invoicing solution, streamlining e-commerce operations for users. Eventually acquired by Digismoothie, the project marked my successful foray into the SaaS ecosystem.

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  • Shopify - Zásilkovna | Integration

    This app links Shopify with the delivery service,, for easy pick-up point selection and order export. It’s now owned by Digismoothie.

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  • Shopify - Heureka | Ověřeno zákazníky

    The project integrates Shopify with Heureka Verified Customers, enabling the collection of customer reviews on Heureka to obtain a Verified by Customers certification. This project has been acquired by Digismoothie.

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