Josef Rousek is Shopify Expert focused on building applications.

Integration with

Zá store pickup service Ověřeno zákazníky

Need help setting up your Shopify store?

Need help setting up advanced integrations to automate your workflows? We'll start with a free call to see if I can really help you. If there's a fit we'll move on to paid consultancy priced 1 200 Kč per hour.

Where can you see me?

Occasionally I write something on my blog. I share my code on GitHub.

I had a talk on PyConCZ 2016 where I presented my naive experience with Instagram and text-based machine learning [recording].

Why should you work with me?

I try to build project with the effective use of modern technologies. While coding I use Tailwind CSS, on frontend I use vanilla javascript or React and Python on backend.

I'm trying to pass on my experiences at PyLadies and Nauč

You can reach me on [email protected], instagram and twitter @josefrousek.

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