Josef Rousek makes Shopify applications.

Send invoices to - integration with provides an easy solution to support EET and to automate wire transfer.

Zá store pickup service Ověřeno zákazníky

Where can you see me?

I lead workshops focused on React.js. Occasionally I write something on my blog. I publish code which might be useful to someone on GitHub.

I had a talk on PyConCZ 2016 where I presented my naive experience with Instagram and text-based machine learning [recording].

Why should you work with me?

I try to build project with the effective use of modern technologies. While coding I use Tailwind CSS, on frontend I use vanilla javascript or React and Python on backend.

I'm trying to pass on my experiences at PyLadies and Nauč

You can reach me on [email protected], instagram and twitter @josefrousek.