Toggl reports to Slack for free plan

I wanted to expose a bit of insight to my team. As we work in kind of upredictable manner we could use a report on who worked a day before. We use Trello as our time tracking tool. It supports weekly email reports but the price for this feature was a bit expensive for us. So I did a quick research and found Trello report script that does exactly what I wanted. It outputs markdown to STDOUT.

I've modified the script to include time spent for each entry and updated it to Python 3.

With the reporting part done I started to investigate how to post the report to Slack. I found three possible ways I can solve this. Lets discuss these options.

Post the output as plaintext

Slack's markdown support is pretty limited. It doesn't support neither headings nor lists. This approach has one notable benefit. It's one HTTP request.

Use message attachments

This approach might sound interesting, but it's not suitable for structured reports.

Upload report as markdown file

This approach is the best option, but I haven't had the time to implement it.


I've set up a cron job to run the script every day at 10:00.

00 09 * * * cd /home/ubuntu/toggl-report/ && /home/ubuntu/toggl-report/env/bin/dotenv-run /home/ubuntu/toggl-report/env/bin/python /home/ubuntu/toggl-report/ >> /home/ubuntu/toggl-report/log.log 2>&1

The project is available on